kelly stevenson


A graduate of OCADU’s Drawing & Painting program in 2012, Stevenson’s work embraces the use of non-linear narratives and a naïve aesthetic. She views the work as a by-product of the process; Attempting to understand the world we live in, and how the proliferation of black and white viewpoints has led to the increasing dehumanization of those whose faces do not directly reflect our own.Most of Stevenson’s work has a social and political undertone having focused on the relationships between technology, religion, consumerism, history, violence, hope, innocence and human connections. The work strives to open a dialogue between the viewer, the work, and society and also acts as a way for the artist to try and understand the world we live in.

     Taking inspiration from John Scott, German woodblock prints, Daniel Johnston, Henry Darger, outsider art, and graphic novels,Stevenson has created a world that is inhabited by a character used as the ‘everyman’.This character has neither an identifiable gender nor race, enabling the viewer to make decisions as to how they are viewed and what role they may play within the narrative.

     Her work typically utilizes simple black and white or greyscale imagery done primarily in either India ink, or pen and marker on paper. It’s graphic and controlled, taking inspiration from printmaking and children’s book illustrations, in order to be able to layout complex and often ambiguous narratives in a way that allows the viewer to enter the work and appear non-threatening. She encourages that it appears as if  the construction of the images is simple and easy and that at first glance believe that they themselves could have created it.

     Stevenson has also embraced a diy aesthetic also working to create zines, prints, stickers, screen printed bags, tshirt sand cards amongst other art objects as she has a strong belief that art should be accessible to people of all economic backgrounds.

photo credit: Denny Scott

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